Oxidized Bitumen (Blown Bitumen)

Oxidized Bitumen is a type of bitumen that obtains from blowing air to the pure bitumen. It has a lower penetration grade and more softening point in comparison to pure bitumen.

Based on its softening point and penetration grade it classifies into three types of low, medium and hard oxidized bitumen. 

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Oxidized Bitumen Production Process

This type of bitumen obtains from the blowing hot air with the temperature of 200 to 300 degree Celsius to the penetration grade bitumen in the reactor of BBU of the refinery.

Hydrogen atoms of bitumen react with oxygen atoms of air when heated with hot air in the reactor. Then it generates some steam that should be removed from the oxidation chamber. Consequently, the bitumen remains. 

Oxidized Bitumen grades

This type of bitumen has many grades. Low oxidized bitumen grades are R75/25, R75/30, R85/25, R85/40, R95/25, R90/40. Medium grades are R90/10, R90/15 and hard oxidized bitumen including R115/15, R110/15, R105/5, R105/15, R105/35 and R150/5.

What is the meaning of these numbers?

The asphaltene in this bitumen is polymerized due to blowing air and makes this bitumen rubbery. Based on this rubber property, this bitumen is called Rubberized Bitumen and the letter R shows this.

These numbers show the softening point and penetration grade. For example, R75/25 tells that the softening point is 75 and the penetration grade of this bitumen is 25.

You can read more about oxidized bitumen applications and some of these grade’s specifications below.

Oxidized Bitumen Applications

It has many applications including road construction, hydropower projects, roofing, flooring, mastics, oil and gas industry and electrical applications.

Roads: this type of bitumen is suitable for road construction, paving and road maintenance. It can be used as an additive with a binder in different asphalts in roads, highways, railroads and parking.

Hydro projects: One of the canal lining’s material is oxidized bitumen. This type of bitumen can be used in other hydro projects like embankment and dam construction, hydraulic structures, dam lining protection and sand stabilization

Roofing: oxidized bitumen can be used in roofing felts, shingle roofs, damp proof coating compositions, and carriage roofing compounds, liquid roof coatings and plastic cements. Generally speaking it is the best choice for roof waterproofing.

Flooring: one of the main uses of oxidized bitumen is in flooring. Acid and alkali proof bitumen mastic can be used in chemical plants, fertilizer plants, steel plants and many other plants to protect the surface from corrosion. It can also fix the parquet of floors.

Oil and gas industry: this type of bitumen is very common in the oil and gas industry to coat the pipelines to protect pipes from corrosion and rust.

Electrical industry: oxidized bitumen is adhesive for laminated boards. It can seal the electrical junction boxes. It can be used in the cable industry, in lithium- ion batteries and wires.

Oxidized Bitumen Advantages

The main advantages of oxidized bitumen is as below:

  • High durability
  • High flexibility
  • Completely water resistant
  • Chemical stability

Oxidized Bitumen Specification

Among these bitumen, the most widely used oxidized or blown bitumen in the market is R85/25 that its softening point is 85 and its penetration grade is 25.

Oxidized bitumen 85/40 is popular in some European countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

The standard test methods used to obtain each property is as below:

SpecificationType of Low oxidized Bitumen
Specific Gravity @25 C ,(Kg/m3)
Penetration@25 C,(mm/10)30/4020/3035/4035/4520/30
Softening Point C,(C)70/8080/9080/9085/9590/100
Loss on heating(wt)%, (Wt.%)0.2 max0.2 max0.2 max0.2 max0.2 max
Flashpoint C, (C)260250 min260 min250 min250 min
Solubility is CS2(wt) %99 min99.5 max99 min99.5 max99.5 max
Ductility@25 C1.5 min3 min35.5 min 
Spot Test ∞NegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeNegative
        SpecificationType of Medium Oxidized Bitumen



Specific Gravity @25 C, (Kg/m3)1.051.05
Penetration@25 C, (mm/10)5/1510/20
Softening Point C, (C)85/9585/95
Loss on heating(wt)%, (Wt.%)0.2 max0.2 max
Flashpoint C, (C)250 min250 min
Solubility is CS2(wt) %, (Wt. %)99.5 max99.5 max
Ductility@25 C, (cm)1.5 min1.5 min
Spot Test ∞NegativeNegative
SpecificationType of Hard Oxidized Bitumen



Specific Gravity @25 C, (Kg/m3)1.051.05
Penetration@25 C, (mm/10)30/4010/20
Softening Point C, (C)100/110110/120
Loss on heating(wt)%, (Wt.%)0.2 max0.2 max
Flashpoint C,(C)250 min250 min
Solubility is CS2(wt) %, (Wt. %)99.5 max99.5 max
Ductility@25 C, (cm) 1.5 min
Spot Test ∞NegativeNegative

Would you like to know how these parameters can be obtained? read the bitumen tests page.

Oxidized Bitumen Packing

Oxidized Bitumen has different types of bitumen packing:

  1. Cartoon  
  2. Cartoon-pallet-shrink  
  3. Poly Amide 
  4. Polyester 

If you are looking for more details about this type of bitumen packing, we recommend you to read the oxidized bitumen packing page to get more information.


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