Oxidized Bitumen Packing


Oxidized bitumen is a solid bitumen, unlike the penetration and viscosity grade bitumen. Based on this reason, it has several different packing, different from new steel drums and bulk packing.

This type of bitumen has 4 different packing including:

  •  Cartoon
  •  Cartoon-Pallet-Shrink
  •  Poly Amid
  •  Polyester 

In the below, we clarify more details about these packing.

oxidized packing cartoon


Each cartoon has the capacity of 25kg. Its dimension is 60*40*20 cm.

oxidized packing Cartoon Pallet Shrink

Cartoon- Pallet- Shrink:

These cartoons can be stacked in containers or they can be placed on pallets and wrapped in nylon shrink, then placed in a container. The pallet dimension is 110*110 cm. Each pallet has a weight of 1 ton (1000kg) ± 10 %.




Polyamides are strong nylon bags that are placed in cold water.

The oxidized bitumen enters the nylons from the valve of equipment and is immediately released after being sealed, in a cold water pool. The reason is that these nylon bags have a low temperature tolerance and may be perforated due to the high heat of the bitumen.

This packing has the melting point 160 to 180 degree Celsius and the capacity 25 to 50 kg.

To melt bitumen, it is not necessary to remove poly amid from it, because poly amid is easily melted with the heat given to bitumen.

 The dimension of this type of packing is 35*80.




Polyester is a thin plastic layer that can be placed inside the cartoon and have a high temperature tolerance. Contrary to the poly amid, this type of packing should be in direct contact with the flame to be removed from the bitumen.


bitumen may also come in other packaging such as jumbo bags, new steel drums, and bulk bitumen.
Please see the bitumen packaging page for more information about the most effective way to package bitumen.

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