Jumbo Bag Package for Bitumen

Jumbo bag is a large flexible multi-layer bag that is used to transport the bulk materials like bitumen. This type of poly-alkene bags with the highest quality and resistance is the cheapest, easiest and least wasted bitumen packing. Jumbo bag can be called by other names such as bitu- plast, bitu- bag, poly cube, poly bag, but most of the time it is known by the name jumbo bag. To know more about the advantages, applications and specifications of this kind of packing which is the most popular among others, follow this article.

The advantages of Jumbo bags

One of the highly recommended types of bitumen packing is jumbo bag. This big bags are suitable for storing and transporting bulk bitumen. Some advantages that make it specific are as below:

  • Cost effective bitumen packing in comparison to drums
  • Low weight
  • It is environmental – friendly that has no harm upon ecosystems
  • Safety and ease of loading
  • It occupies a little space
  • The inner lining is 100% consumable and the outer lining is recyclable
  • It protects the bitumen from moisture
  • Ease of movement by forklift and crane truck
  • It has a unique design that enables quick filling and discharge of bitumen

The Process of Jumbobag Discharge in the Melter at Destination Port - Bitumen Bag Decanter

Why do we use jumbo bags instead of steel drums?

Generally, there are a lot of reasons that bitumen exporters use jumbo bag instead of steel drums. Unlike drums, jumbo bags reduce bitumen waste by about 3 to 4 %. Approximately, the waste goes zero. But the main reasons are as follows:

  • The jumbo bag preparation temperature and filling is too much lower than the drums so we can save the thermal energy and the iron used in drums.
  • Bitumen jumbo bags are much easier to transport than bitumen drums.
  • It’s necessary to heat the bitumen when discharging the drum, but in jumbo bag it’s enough to tear the outer layer of bitumen jumbo bag, and throw the bitumen jumbo bag in the molten furnace with the inner layer.

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The application of jumbo bag

In all industries, the product should reach to its destination safely and without any damage. A large number of industries prefer to use jumbo bags according to the above sentences, but the question is, which industries?

  • Petrochemical and chemical products manufacturers (e.g. Bitumen Packing )
  • Construction industries (e.g. cement packing, granite packing, etc.)
  • Food industries (e.g. sugar packing, flour packing, etc.)
  • Agricultural industries (e.g. fertilizer packing, etc.)

The specification of jumbo bag

To choose the best type of jumbo bag for bitumen packaging, it’s necessary to know some specifications. The jumbo bag specification is here:

Type of jumbo bag



Cage dimensions

Bag 1 MT

100*107*107 cm

100 cm


Bag 250 kg

100*55*55 cm

100 cm


The cost of jumbo bag

Among all of the packing type such as, drum, bulk and jumbo bag, the jumbo bag can be the most affordable. The cost of bulk shipment is expensive, it has high operating costs and freights vary with demand. It may pollute the containers but jumbo bags and drums do not pollute the container. Although new steel drums are preferred to bulk trade, they are still more expensive comparing to jumbo bags.

What bitumen packaging is suitable?

Infinity Galaxy provides the bitumen in various packaging at the client’s request. When you are buying bitumen, consider the cost, logistics, and environment. We generally suggest jumbo bags because they are more economical than new steel drums and bulk shipments. Regardless of expenses, jumbo bags are more convenient in shipment, storage and compatible with regulations.  

We will deliver you the best bitumen in different kinds of qualified packaging especially jumbo bags, on time and without any delay.

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