Bitumen Price List Today | Bitumen Rate in destination ports and India

Bitumen Price List Today

Bitumen Grade (Drum)Fob Jebel Ali Price Now ($)
VG 10413-418
VG 30413-418
VG 40416-422

Updated on 10th May

Bitumen Prices

Are affected by market demand and seasonal peak consumption. The fluctuation of bitumen price is also due to issues such as geopolitical tensions, shipping regulations and oil price. However, the most important factor is the amount of supply and demand. 


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Bitumen Price in India

Three main refineries that qualify the Price of Indian Bitumen are MRPL, IOCL and BPCL. Generally, Iran bitumen price is lower than the price of bitumen from these refineries and the main issue in India is that producing the bitumen has a high cost due to its process and its transportation, so they prefer to import bitumen from other countries such as Iran.

IOCL Bitumen Price

Bulk BitumenPrice (in Rs.)
VG10 (80/100)38730
VG30 (60/70)39030
VG40 (30/40)41330
Packed BitumenPrice (in Rs.)
VG10 (80/100)44210
VG30 (60/70)45010
VG40 (30/40)41810

Updated on 10th May

Iran Bitumen Price In Your Destination Port

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The above mentioned rates are subject to change due to fluctuations of ocean freight and commodity in the market.


Bitumen Price 2021

Bitumen news shows that the price of bitumen will increase in 2021. Therefore, countries insist on purchasing bitumen at lower prices to cover the shortage of their bitumen quickly. Several countries in Africa and Eastern Asia knew that bitumen demand is increasing, so recently they have reserved bitumen.

Bitumen Price List 2021

Months1st Week2nd Week3rd Week4th Week

Bitumen Price Chart 2021


Bitumen Price List 2020

The Coronavirus have had an impact on economic conditions, rising and falling prices of goods and commodities including Bitumen. The outbreak of this pandemic, led to a 30% drop in bitumen prices in the first season of 2020. The whole year was full of ups and downs and unpredictable fluctuations, the last month of 2020, was the peak of these fluctuations and increasing in vacuum bottom price.

Months1st Week2nd Week3rd Week4th Week

Bitumen Price 2020

2020 was a difficult year for the economy. Coronavirus and the epidemic shifted the shape of the market and supply and demand. Companies encountered new challenges to enter the market, Let's see a full review of global bitumen price 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bitumen Price

Q: What kind of packaging is this bitumen price with?

It’s better to know that generally, packing can affect the total price of bitumen from zero to 20 %. For example, packing of bulk bitumen has no effect on the total price of the product and only the cost of bitumen itself is considered.

Q: If the cargo is transported in drums and jumbo bag, how many tons are loaded in each container?

Well, in all cases of packing, 20 tons can be placed in a container.

Q: Is there any difference between the prices of different bitumen grades?

Yes. Basically, all grades of bitumen have a cost higher than the penetration grade 60/70. Usually, viscosity grade bitumen is more expensive than penetration grades ( 3 to 5 $) and the penetration grade 40/50 usually is 10 $ expensive than penetration grade 60/70 and 80/100. The price of penetration grade 60/70 and 80/100 is the same. Altogether, the base of bitumen price evaluation is the price of penetration grade 60/70. To know more about the other types of bitumen prices contact us.

Q: What factors affect the price of bitumen?

    • Rising oil prices
    • Economic condition of the world
    • Road construction projects in different countries
    • The cost of shipping and containers
    • The high season
    • The bitumen brokerage
    • The prices of materials that can be used in bitumen industry, for example the rising of steel sheet price impacts on the drum of bitumen and generally affects the cost of bitumen.

Q: Why do we get different prices from different suppliers?

The price of suppliers usually varies from 5 to 10$ compared to the balanced market price. If the price difference of the suppliers is less than 5 to 10$, the quality of the bitumen should be evaluated or it may be from an uncertain origin.

Infinity Galaxy, Bitumen Supplier in Middle East

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