New Steel Drum

New Steel Drum Description

Drummed Bitumen has been the most common type of packaging. Qualities of the drums have been improving during these years. We always use New Steel Drums for packing. They vary in terms of net weight capacity, height and body thickness. The most common and standard drums have a body thickness of 0.6 mm. Height is 98 CM for standard and 86 CM for small drums (140 KG and 155 KE net drums); however, we have the required tools to adjust the height of them, based on the customer’s choice.


Bitumen Packing Drum Specifications

Specification Known as the Normal Drum
182 KG
Known as the Short Drum
150 KG
Known as the Oil Drum
210 KG
Material: New Cold Rolled Steel * * *
Height (mm) 980 860 980
Diameter (mm) 500 500 500
Body Thickness (mm) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Top/Base Thickness (mm) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Net Weight (kg) +/-2.5 182 150 210
Gross Weight (kg) +/-2.5 192 158 220
Empty Drum Weight (kg) +/-1 9.5 8.5 10
Color black black black
Short Drum Market

The new steel short drum is mainly exported to port Chittagong, Bangladesh. Since Bangladesh had always used this size for bitumen, the new steel short drum has an important value in the Bangladesh market. Bangladesh traditionally imports bitumen in the steel short drum with a weight of 150± 2 kg.
After the drums are de-stuffed and decanted, they will be sold to be applied in other fields. Recently some Chinese road constructors have started cooperation in Bangladesh and have developed 180± 2 kg bitumen new steel long drums in Bangladesh market.
So, 150± 2 kg and 180 ±2 kg new steel drums both have a high value in the Bangladesh market.
The contract with the Bangladesh market is based on 100% at sight Letter Credit (L/C).
Each 20’s container has a capacity of 16.5 tons of 150± 2 kg new steel short drums.
Bangladesh is a 250,000 Mt imported bitumen market in the world.

Long Drum Market

The new steel long drum is popular in different markets and is used predominantly in many countries.