Bulk Bitumen


Bulk bitumen is the most economical method of exporting bitumen for medium and large scale projects.

This type of packing is cheaper than others and it has suitable transportation costs.

To know more about the advantages and disadvantages, shipping condition and terms of purchase of bulk bitumen follow the article.

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Shipping of bulk bitumen

Well, altogether the bulk bitumen needs a vessel at least with the minimum capacity of 1000 metric tonnes, and we have to know enough information about this vessel to see that is it capable of being transported and entering the dock and loading at the origin or not.

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Bulk bitumen transportation needs some trucks to pick up the bitumen cargo from the refinery and transfer it to the bulk vessel at the port. When it arrives to its destination, another bitumen truck picks up the bitumen cargo and deliver it to the project location or bitumen storage.


Bulk bitumen cargo loading rate

Bulk vessels can usually carry three to thirty thousand tons of liquid bitumen, but generally speaking, a small vessel that its capacity is three thousand metric tons and the bigger one which is thirty thousand metric tons can be loaded 24 to 96 hours which means 1 to 4 days.


The amount of bulk transportation is dependent on the requirement amount of project. Capacity depends on different factors such as project conditions, project location, and the amount of use in the project.

Bulk bitumen cost

Bulk bitumen price is affected by different factors like bulk capacity, loading duration time and exchange fluctuation. As we told in the disadvantages section, it has high storage charge but altogether, since the bulk bitumen has no packing it is the cheapest in comparison to new steel drums and jumbo bags.

Terms of Purchase

Terms of purchase are possible in two ways:

First, the customer can introduce us a bulk vessel, we announce the time that bitumen in the tank is ready to loading at the origin.

The vessel enters the dock and loads for 24 to 48 hours, then it moves to the destination.

Or another way is that we introduce the vessel ourselves, then the ship enters the dock at a certain time and loads, then the documents are given to the customer, when the vessel is moving towards its destination, we receive the fee from the customer.

Advantages of Bulk Bitumen

Some of the advantages of Bulk Bitumen are as below:

  • Cost: Bulk bitumen is not packaged in jumbo bag or any drum, so it has no packing and unpacking cost. To explain more, we can say that Bulk bitumen is transported directly from the refinery to the storage and then it transported by bulk vessel to the storage of destination then finally it will be delivered to the project, so one of the advantages of bulk bitumen is that it has no cost of packing.
  • Loading duration time: The second advantage is that since the bulk bitumen has no packing, the loading duration time is less than the packing condition. So the cargo can deliver to the destination rapidly.
  • Equipment: Another advantage is that since Bulk Bitumen is not packaged, it does not require different melting methods such as decanting plant, so it can deliver to the project without any excess operation and it does not need any special equipment for melting.

Disadvantages of Bulk Bitumen

It’s obvious that in addition to the advantages, it also has several disadvantages like:

  • Tonnage: It is cost effective to use bulk bitumen in large volumes that means shipping costs vary in terms of tonnage. The higher the tonnage, the lower the cost. So this is a disadvantage that it is not economical for low tonnages and is only suitable for high tonnages in terms of cost.
  • The existence of storage tank: The second disadvantage is that bulk bitumen can be sent just to the destination port which has a storage tank. Therefore, bulk bitumen cannot be sent anywhere, because it is important to have a storage tank at the destination.
  • Transportation Facility: One of the limitations of using bulk bitumen is that anyone who deals with bulk bitumen and trades must have a convenient transportation facility like bulk vessel. 
    And also when we transport bitumen in jumbo bags and new steel drums by container to the destination, then it is feasible to transfer the packed bitumen by truck to any points of the project location. But bulk bitumen truck cannot necessarily move and take bitumen anywhere.
  • Storage charge: Drums of bitumen or jumbo bags can be stored in a storage for a long time and used after one or two years; but bulk bitumen, when reaches to its destination, if it stays in a storage for a long time , the high storage charge must be paid. For this reason, bulk bitumen is usually used when the project is underway and it reaches to the project location without being stored in storage.

Environmental impact of bulk bitumen

Packaging is one of the most important issues in transporting bitumen. When companies in bitumen trade decide to transfer the bitumen by the sea, they have to pay attention to some important issues that are bitumen leakage and environmental side effects.

One of the important environmental side effects of bulk shipping is the massive amount greenhouse gas emissions for the constant heating of the bitumen all through the process.


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