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Infinity Galaxy is a supplier of bitumen in Australia, with more than 10 years of experience.

Our expertise in providing high quality bitumen in various countries, make us a reputable business party. Additionally, we have a vast network of the best refineries of the Middle East bitumen which help us to provide the best bitumen price for our customers in all seasons.

Our partner refineries produce bitumen in various classes such as class-170, class-320, class-600.  Accordingly, we export a variety of bitumen to Australia at our clients’ request.

Australia is a developed country with a modern economy. The road infrastructure and pavements are crucial issues for the country. The annual use of bitumen in Australia is over 800,000 metric tons. According to statistics, in 2019, bitumen import was approximately 918.4 mega litter (≈ 810,000 metric tons).

Bitumen Price in Port Brisbane and Adelaide

Port Brisbane is the fastest growing and the third busiest port in all of Australia.

Port Adelaide, the largest port in Southern Australia, owns the majority of the port activity of the region.

Highly popular classes of bitumen in Australia are class-170, class-320, and class-600. We provide our clients in Australia with a variety of packaging including a new steel drum, jumbo bag, polybag, 40 kg bags, and bulk.

Australian Bitumen Price

Bitumen Class 170

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Australia is actively trying to reduce environmental footprints. It has focused on recyclable materials and reducing carbon emission. Hence jumbo bags are more favorable in Australia.

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For measuring the costs of importing bitumen to Australia, please consider the costs of preparing specific documents such as the third-party inspection, including Geo-Chem and SGS, as well as CFR port Brisbane or port Adelaide bitumen price.

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Inspections and Documents Necessary for Bitumen Import

We put all the required export documents together for our clients in Australia to accelerate the customs procedures and speed the process. We attempt to deliver inspection documents such as Geo-Chem and SGS to our buyers in Australia as soon as possible.

A list of Export Documents Required in Australia

Pro Forma Invoice (PI): This is a primary document. It shows that we have approved selling a certain amount of specific bitumen at the negotiated price to a client in Australia. This document shows the first approval of our deal.

A Sample of Proforma Invoice

Commercial Invoice (CI): CI is a crucial export document for customs clearance. The document clarifies the purchased products, their value, and shipping costs in detail.

A Sample of Commercial Invoice

Packing List: The Packing List includes data about the dimensions and weight of exported goods. It is also one crucial document for customs clearance.

A Sample of Packing List

Certificate of Origin (CO): This document certifies that the exported goods are qualified to be exported.

A Sample of Certificate of Origin

Original Bill of Lading (BL or BOL): The bill of lading contains transportation information including the terms and conditions. The shipping agency is in charge of preparing the BL document.

A Sample of Bill of Lading