Bitumen Packages

Bitumen is a highly viscous liquid; so its packaging is very important considering the factors like cost, environment, storage, and shipping. The bitumen packaging classifies to three different types such as new steel drum; jumbo bag; and bulk that according to their specification, bitumen volume and weight, the best type of packaging will be chosen. To understand more about these packages, we friendly invite you to see our comprehensive video about bitumen packages and read this article.



Drum is the common packaging of bitumen due to its safety and consistent quality. It varies dependent on bitumen volume, height, thickness and lid. The body thickness of drum is 6 mm. These steel drums are used for transporting and packing liquids and pasty materials like bitumen. Although new steel drums are preferred to bulk trade, they are still more expensive comparing to jumbo bags (steel is more expensive than plastic). Four different types of drums with their specifications are as follows:


Long new steel drum 180 kg

Short new steel drum 150 kg

Short new steel drum – big lid 156 kg

Long new steel drum 200 kg


New Cold Rolled Steel

New Cold Rolled Steel

New Cold Rolled Steel

New Cold Rolled Steel

Height (mm)





Diameter (mm)





Top/Base thickness (mm)





Net weight (kg) ± 2.5





Gross weight (kg) ±2.5





Empty drum weight ±1
















drums supplied will be of good workmanship and are sufficiently leak-proof when filled with hot bitumen

This kind of drums are leak proof when filled with hot bitumen

It has a high resistance to leakage

Resistant and anti-leak

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Jumbo bag

Jumbo bag is a large flexible multi-layer bag which is called bitu-plast, bitu-bag, polybag and poly cube. This type of poly-alkene bags with high quality and resistance is one of the best types of bitumen packaging. The reasonable price and its ease of use, have made it too popular in industries. Recently bitumen exporters use jumbo bag instead of steel drums. Unlike drums, jumbo bag reduces bitumen waste by about 3 to 4 %. It’s necessary to heat the bitumen when discharging the drum, but in jumbo bag, it’s enough to tear the outer layer of bitumen jumbo bag and throw the bitumen jumbo bag in the molten furnace with the inner layer.

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In bulk trade, you require bitumen trucks to pick up the cargo from the refinery and convey it to the bulk vessel, the bitumen tanker, at the port. At the destination, another bitumen truck will pick up the cargo and deliver it to the construction site or specific bitumen warehouses. This type of packing is cheaper than others that its price is affected by bulk capacity, loading duration time and exchange fluctuations. Generally, it has a low cost. You can see the exact process of bulk shipment in the picture below:

bulk bitumen vs jumbo bags

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In addition to these bitumen packing, solid and dry bitumen, which is the Oxidized Bitumen, is packed in different ways, including:

  1.  Cartoon: it has a capacity of 25 kg and a size of 60*40*20 cm
  2. Cartoon pallet shrink: Cartoons are placed on a pallet and covered in nylon shrink, the pallet dimension is 110*110 cm
  3. Polyamide: these bags are 35*80 in size, and should be drained in cold water after filling with oxidized bitumen.
  4. Polyester: a thin plastic layer that has a high thermal tolerance, which can be placed in a cartoon.

On the page that describes oxidized bitumen packing, you can find more details about other type of bitumen packing.

Cost of Bitumen Packing; general comparison

When we compare the cost of bitumen packing, we consider that maybe the cost of bulk bitumen can be very high according to its transportation condition. For example, first of all, it needs a special type of tanker, vessel and truck to carry and transfer it from its origin to destination. It has a high operating cost and it’s expensive to maintain at the destination. Altogether, bulk bitumen has the cheapest packing among all the bitumen packing because it is unpacked but its transportation and storage at the destination may be more expensive.

Jumbo Bag and New Steel Drums are more cost-effective because ordinary trucks can deliver the cargo and its storing is much cheaper than bulk bitumen since any standard storage can be suitable for it. Well, it’s better to know since steel is more expensive than plastic, new steel drums can be a little more expensive compared to jumbo bags.

Environmental impact of bitumen packing (Bulk Bitumen, Jumbo Bag, New Steel Drum)

Bulk bitumen emits a large amount of carbon which is a greenhouse gas during its heating process. Some countries like Australia prevent to import bitumen in new steel drums because they believe that the residue of bitumen in drums can pollute the area. But what about jumbo bags?

Fortunately, this kind of bitumen packing as a multi-layer bag is environmentally friendly. The inner layer is totally consumable and the outer layer is recyclable.

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Different Bitumen Packings Comparison

Generally speaking, we have defined each of these packagings and now we are going to compare these packing according to the different factors in the following table:



Jumbo bag

Bulk shipment(bulk vessel)


  • No effect on bitumen quality
  • Suitable size and dimension
  • High safety against UV
  • Easily places in containers
  • Low weight
  • Ease of loading
  • Protects the bitumen from moisture
  • Occupies a little space

Easy and immediately decanting


Packing different liquids and pasty materials

  • Petrochemical and chemical products
  • Construction industries
  • Food industries

It’s suitable for loose cargos with high volume




The bulk bitumen has the cheapest packing since it is unpacked but its transportation and storage may be more expensive. Totally it’s cost-effective.


3-5% of bitumen

100% of transported cargo is consumed

It has a direct loss that remains in the vessel

Environmental impact

The bitumen residue in the drum may pollute the ground and storage



The inner lining is 100% consumable

Massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions

Important points

It may leak and get damage or break

Multi-layered technology prevents leakage

Carbon trace

What type of bitumen packages does Infinity Galaxy suggest you?

Infinity Galaxy provides the bitumen in various packaging at the client’s request. When you are buying bitumen, consider the cost, logistics, and environment. We generally suggest jumbo bags because they are more economical than new steel drums and bulk shipments, regardless of expenses, jumbo bags are more convenient in shipment and storage and compatible with regulations.

We will be very happy to help you to choose the right packing of your bitumen. You can contact us through “Contact Infinity” link at the menu or you can fill the Inquiry Form below. We show our heartfelt appreciation for your attention.

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