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Infinity Galaxy

Infinity Galaxy is renowned as a committed supplier of bitumen and petrochemicals with more than 10 years of experience.

Since our mission is to assist our customers to have the best purchasing experience, we publish weekly market analyses for our clients to help them buy at the best time and condition.

We will accompany you from the moment you place an order until you receive it to ensure you have a safe, prompt, and without any issue journey.


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Bitumen Prices

Are affected by market demand and seasonal peak consumption. The fluctuation of bitumen price is also due to issues such as geopolitical tensions, shipping regulations and oil price. However, the most important factor is the amount of supply and demand.

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Weekly Bitumen Price in India

Indian Refineries Bitumen Prices

During January, Indian importers believed local purchases can be more economical, however, limited production in India led to higher prices. Also, during this time the cold wave in North India, rising crude oil price, and the lack of supply of vacuum battoms affected the price of bitumen in India. In the first week of February, Indian refineries increased bitumen and furnace oil price after two repeated declines in January. According to most analysts, the upward trend in the Indian market will last at least till mid-March 2022.

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