Jumbo Bags, Bitutainers and Other Packages for Bitumen

Other packages of bitumen are counted and explained as below:


The term” Bitutainer” is broadly used in Bitumen industry. Incorporating the key design principles of high carrying capacity, operator safety, heat efficiency and durability, the Bitutainer is the optimal solution in bitumen transportation and intermediary storage.

In areas where shore-based tank terminals are not available, Infinity Galaxy supplies bulk bitumen in 20 foot and 40 foot ISO bulk bitumen tank containers, as a consequence implementing a unique logistics solution in areas where a fixed bulk bitumen storage tank may not be feasible.

These bitumen containers are used to deliver bulk bitumen from the depot, directly inland to customer’s sites. All Bitutainers are fully equipped with insulation and heating facilities.

A unique concept in Bitumen distribution with 30% more carrying capacity than conventional Tank Containers. Suitable for Storage and Transportation of Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, PMBs and Heavy Fuel Oils.

27 metric ton capacity = optimal load per container

Valve box re-design to further improve heat retention

High-performance factory fitted heating tubes

Addition of securing chains to Valve Box Cover & Chimneys

High-Value factory-installed insulation

24Mt IMO1 Rated Bitutainer

Suitable for the Storage and Transportation of Hot Liquid Bitumen, Emulsions, Light and Heavy Fuel Oils

24 Metric ton capacity (Nominal)

ISO 1496 Part 3 – Type 75 “Tank Container”

UN Coded T3 (IMO1 Rated) with Lloyds approval

Inner vessel pressure tested to 4.0 bars

High-performance heating systems available

20Mt IMO1 Rated Bitutainer

Fully IMDG Compliant T3 Tank Container with ADR / RID and US DOT / TC approvals Suitable for On-Site Storage and Fully Intermodal for Transportation of Hot Liquid Bitumen, Emulsions, Light and Heavy Fuel Oils

21 Metric ton capacity (Nominal)

Inner vessel pressure tested to 4.0 bars

High-performance factory fitted heating tubes

ISO 1496 Part 3 – IMO 1 rated with Lloyd’s approval

The baffled design allows partial payloads to be carried


Another bitumen package is Bituplast.

The Palletized box weight:  1.000 KG

The number of packages in every palletized box: 25-30

Each trailer can carry 500-600 non-palletized and 450 palletized packages

Each 20ft container can accommodate 500 non-palletized and 430 palletized packages

Each 40ft container can accommodate 600 non-palletized and 490-500 palletized packages

Poly Cube

Another type of package is Poly cube bags or Polybags.

Poly Cube bags have recently become one of the most well-liked packing types due to the customers’ feedback.

Brief Description of Polybags Packaging:

No dissipation at the destination once cargo arrives.

Easily melted down in melting machine without the reduction of bitumen’s quality

Much easier to be carried

Same price as steel drum packing while loading higher capacity per 20’ DC unit

Available in various weights, such as 25KG, 50KG, 300 KG, 800 KG, and 1000 KG.

We are capable of providing Bitumen in polybags. Infinity Galaxy’s Polybags are made of two layers of Polymer as well as an extra internal layer. These Polybags can be easily melted in melting machine with bitumen and causes a fair shining in roads’ asphalt.

The Polycube package contents the filling of the bitumen as well as the loading and transport and ends with the liquefaction at the customers’ place.

Polycube is a special transport container that is specifically used for the cold transport of pasty and viscous materials in specific bitumen.

Polycube differs considerably from the traditional Big Bag when it comes to quality, size, shape, and design.

In terms of design and use of materials, the solution was aimed deliberately at the high demands imposed by the international cold transport of bitumen, to guarantee toughness, self-stabilization, and at the same time, maximum flexibility for a reasonable price.

There are also other packages, but the highly recommended types are as mentioned above.

Jumbo Bag and Big Bag Loading and Process Videos