Slack Wax

Infinity Galaxy has exported slack wax for some years, and it is well known for its strict and law-abiding attitude. It belongs to the lubricating oils layer in the distillation reactor.

In other words, it is a by-product of the refining lubricating oils. As an introduction to this product, we can say that slack wax is a raw material of paraffin wax. It is defined as a mixture of oil and wax. Slack wax is yellow or brown, and its grading is based on the melting point.

Types with a melting point of 50 to 52 c are subjected to Light grades, and those with a melting point of 53 to 55c are under the title of Heavy grades. As mentioned above, slack wax has been combined with a portion of oil content ranges from 5 to 30.

Slack wax, supplied by Infinity Galaxy  has many utilizations as in emulsions, matches, candles, inks, carbon paper, and so on. It can also act as blending components or waterproofing agents in the production of various industrial products.

There is an inverse relationship between the portion of the oil content and the price of this product. The higher oil content results in the less price of the slack wax. 10% and 30% oil content, are suitable for cold regions such as Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine.

Iran as one of the countries with a high rate of oil sources has a major share in the market of oil-based products. It’s been many years that the Iranian companies are providing the best raw material in every oil-based industry.

That’s why most of the Iranian companies have lots of experience and knowledge in producing oil-based products. A mixture of experience and knowledge is enough to overcome every challenge in this market, and it would not be achieved until you try your best.

Infinity Galaxy, as an Iranian supplier, tries to convenience its partners by providing high-quality petrochemical products. In the following, we are going to introduce one of the products that we export, which is slack wax.

The product which we focus on in this article is Slack Wax. First, we start with this question: what is Slack Wax? Then, we move on to the properties of slack wax. Each Slack Wax properties is determinative in Slack Wax applications.

In the next step, we focus on the applications and uses of slack wax in different industries.

Finally, we would discuss the quality of our product.

We highly appreciate our readers for reading this article of Infinity Galaxy.


What is Slack Wax?

Slack wax is one of the by-products of the oil refining process, which has many applications in industry. As you may know, oil refining is a procedure that will result in producing lots of petrochemicals.

Slack Wax is a raw refinery output that is a precursor of paraffin wax and scale wax. It is mostly used as a primary substance for methods that produce different grades of paraffin.

The slack Wax specification is somehow the same among its various grades. It is naturally brown in color and has a high viscosity.

According to the refinery process of this product, Slack wax is categorized into two types: Heavy and Light. Light Slack Wax is mainly used to produce fully-refined paraffin wax.

Fully-refined paraffin is useful in cosmetics and food industries. Heavy Slack Wax is processed into semi-refined paraffin wax. Unlike the first, heavy Slack Wax is applicable only in unhygienic uses like manufacturing candles, adhesive, ink, and rubbers.

Slack Wax properties

Recognizing the properties of slack wax will give you the ability to determine its applications in industries.


If you rub Slack Wax and its products, for example, paraffin, on a surface or a hole, it protects the target from getting wet. This property of Slack Wax is because of its monomolecular structure. Generally, Slack Wax is considered as a defender against water penetration.

Thermal insulation

Slack Wax is also known as a thermal insulator. This is very useful for textile and some other industries. You can coat every surface by paraffin just to prevent heat from transferring. For instance, it is useful for filling the gap of two different septa by Paraffin if you want to imprison heat in a hypothetical space. With a high heat capacity, you can be sure about the Slack Wax application in this field.

Electrical insulation

Slack Wax properties cause electrical insulation which is useful in the electrical industry. The electrical insulator at this phase of the material has lots of applications. For example, you can cover boards and surfaces of electrical circuits by paraffin to prevent the whole system from any dangers.


certainly, everybody knows the importance of the lubricating process in every industry. Lubricating helps you to reduce the heat generated by motion. When a surface is drawn to another, the heat will be produced, and this is so harmful. By heat increase, the movement becomes slow. Therefore, the lubrication process will be our solution in this case.

Low density

This means you can add a high amount of Slack Wax to the system without any worries about the weight. A material with low density is mostly known as a light material. Light materials with high efficiencies would be beneficial in industries.

Melting without decomposition

It melts without decomposition, and this will make it effective for some of the industrial purposes.

Infinity Galaxy Slack Wax H-8
Test ∞ Result Method
Color 3 ASTM D 1500
Density @ 15.6 c 810-840 kg/m3 ASTM D-4052
Congealing Point 60 c ASTM: D-937
Flash Point Open 240 c ASTM D-92
Oil Content 5-8% wt ASTM D-721
Vis @ 100 c 5.5-7.5 (cSt) ASTM: D-445

 Infinity Galaxy Slack Wax H-10
Test ∞ Result Method
Color 3 ASTM D 1500
Density @ 15.6 c 810-840 kg/m3 ASTM D-4052
Congealing Point 60 c ASTM: D-937
Flash Point Open 240 c ASTM D-92
Oil Content 8-10 % wt ASTM D-721
Vis @ 100 c 5.5-7.5 (cSt) ASTM: D-445

Infinity Galaxy Slack Wax H-12
Test ∞ Result Method
Color 2.5 ASTM D 1500
Density @ 15.6 c 0.8355 ASTM D-4052
Congealing Point 61.8 ASTM: D-937
Flash Point Open 250 ASTM D-92
Oil Content 11.59 ASTM D-721
Vis @ 100 c 6.33 ASTM: D-445

Slack Wax uses

It has extensive usage in the industry. You can name lots of industries that they need Slack Wax as a primary substance. First, Slack Wax as a precursor changes into paraffin wax. In this condition, it could be more valuable.

Paraffin wax as a product of Slack Wax is also highly applicable. After passing some steps, Slack Wax will change into paraffin which is the main substance of the Candle. The way it works is not complicated.

The first phase of the paraffin wax process is to take oil from Slack Wax. In the industry, it is called de-oiling or de-waxing.

In the de-waxing step, we remove the oil completely from the Slack Wax. Good to know that this action is possible by crystallization.

Crystallization is a process in which the precursor gets heated then cooled. It gets heated, mixed with one or more solvents such as a Ketone and in the end, it is cooled.

Now we have crystallized Slack Wax out of oil and solid mixture. The name of the mentioned step is filtering. Crystallizing makes filtering easier. In the end, we have solid material with an oily component.

In a histology or pathology laboratory, paraffin wax has an important use. It is used to impregnate tissues for sectioning. Water is excluded from the tissue through ascending strengths of alcohol. In the following process, the tissue would be clear and clean in an organic solvent such as xylene and it will be put inside the paraffin wax. After a couple of hours when wax gets solid, sections can be cut on a micro-tome. But this isn’t the only use of this substance.

Another use of paraffin wax is chiefly artistic. Nowadays Wax Carving is so popular among the customers. The procedure is easy and interesting. Usually, tools like saws, specific knives, and sandpapers are used to shape Wax into statues that we want. Handicrafts have a wide market and they are high on demand. Slack Wax which we (Infinity Galaxy) supply, is the best substance for producing Wax which you need for the wax carving technique.

Another industry that has Slack Wax in its list of requirements is the textile industry. For thermal insulation and protecting some cloth with specific applications, Slack Wax and paraffin are recommended. Paraffin is applied for coating textiles. This coating is necessary to protect cloth which is obligatory for some needs. As a matter of fact, paraffin is a very appropriate material to avoid heat or chill.

The next application is a little bit different.

Now, let’s move to the food-grade paraffin. In the following, we list some of its applications in food industries:

As a sealant: paraffin made from Slack Wax can be used to protect food in jars and cans. This isn’t complex. You should only cover seams of the can to protect the food inside.

As an additive to produce chewing gum

As a shiny material to coat candies: it is possible to coat candies with paraffin to make them more attractive. Paraffin isn’t harmful because with no digestion it passes through the digestive system.
Paraffin is also applicable to investment casting. A lubricating bullet is another common application of Wax. In weapon and gunnery industries it is very important to lubricate bullets for helping their moving process.

It is impossible to produce crayons without Slack Wax. Paraffin produced from Slack Wax is one of the primary substances of crayons. It helps crayons to be smooth to use.

One of the important applications of paraffin is in Rocket industries. As a Solid propellant for hybrid rocket motors, paraffin is so important in this era. Slack Wax uses are more extensive than what we think. Another important application is using it as an antiozonant.

But what are antiozonants? Ozone is a gas that protects us from the harmful radiation of the Sun, but it is harmful to Plastic durability. It weakens plastic’s structure. So antiozonants are agents to prevent ozone from harming plastics. Paraffin is an effective antiozonant that protects plastic.

Another artistic use of Slack Wax is in the printing industries. Ink gets mixed with paraffin and gets sprayed on paper. So, at last, you have water-proof images that are so durable and persistent.

The next industries which we focus on are Mechanical industries. Paraffin as a high-end product of Slack Wax is serviceable as thermostats and actuators.

As an expansion medium for activating such devices, paraffin is essential. It is a Phase-change material. What is a phase-change material and what is its application? A phase-change material (PCM) is a specific substance which is useful to exchange heat.

Sometimes it delivers energy and sometimes receives it. Everything depends on the phase transition. By melting and solidifying at phase change temperature (PCT), it is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy compared to sensible heat storage.

Paraffin is useful as a phase-change material. This valuable material is also effective in the color industry. Color producers can use a complex based on wax to concentrate color properly.

Slack Wax that We Produce

Every technical aspect of Slack Wax which we produce is controlled in high sensitivity. We know the controlling process as the most important part of work. These controlling processes are very complex and accurate. The filtering phase is very important and we know its importance very well. Therefore, a high-level precision is obtained at this phase by employing high-tech facilities.

Slack Wax produced by Infinity Galaxy, is pure and has an accurate melting temperature. During melting, there is no sign of decomposing or any other faints.

Purity is the key property of our product and we are proud of it. This isn’t only a claim. The product supplied by Infinity Galaxy is ready to pass every test the customer desire.

Our supplied material has its efficiency in emulsions and every possible application. Heavy kind melts between 53 and 55 Celsius Degrees and the light kind melts between 50 and 52 Celsius Degrees. It is exactly the temperature that is expected to be and surely this is another testimony to prove our claim about the purity of the material.

For so many years, we have the honor to provide pure products and that’s why we can export raw materials at high range.

Our principles in providing goods

Before all, we have admitted some principles about our strict way of working. We try our best to provide the best Slack Wax for our customers.

Infinity Galaxy, as an international brand, is so sensitive about the quality of every product which we supply. That’s why we rely on our abilities in every aspect of production to produce the best.

We have three main principles in production and supply: Quality, Reliability, and Affordability. Primarily, we should introduce that Slack Wax which we provide has the best quality in its place. The proof of this matter is its specification which includes proper melting point, viscosity, weight, and color.

We are confident about every aspect of the good which we supply. This is impossible to find a faulty product in our product basket. The next principle is reliability. Our international brand is completely reliable about agreements and contracts which we accept. This means in every situation of the market you can rely on our vows for producing and providing Slack Wax.

Our promise has a high priority for us. At this point in the market, which every competitor tries to get the most of price volatilities, we admit ourselves responsible for your trust and adherence to commitments. So you can rely on our Sack Wax in every situation of the market at its agreed fee.

This means we care for your trust which is our main wealth. You can be confident about using our Slack Wax in all of its applications. We assure you about its quality and capabilities.

Years of experience and high technology facilities has given this ability to guarantee our Slack Wax. The third and last principle of Infinity Galaxy is affordability. As we mentioned above, we try to provide the best at the best price, so it’s our main target. Competitive prices of us will assure you about the fact that we allow you to maintain the best Slack Wax at the best price.

Exporting purposes

We can support exporting purposes in Infinity Galaxy. We have the competency for export. Today, there is a high demand for imported raw materials like wax and paraffin. We can fill your supply sidelines by pure trusted material.

Your convenience is the certain result of the collaboration with us. We can improve the exporting rate by a flexible schedule whenever you want.

Exporting high volumes of material is not something easy and attainable for every company in the market. We dare to assure you that exporting high volumes of raw material is attainable to us. Our high volume resources give us the ability to avoid time-consuming in the exporting process.

We know the price of time very well. Nowadays, the rapid preparation of materials is vital for industries so far as this can be a great advantage in a competitive market.

If you choose to participate with Infinity Galaxy, you can safely compete in the market because our velocity in exporting raw material is obvious and famous. Like always our main motto is the best goods at the best price, but in this condition, we should add an extra part: the best goods, the best price and the least time to deliver.

As soon as you submit a request, we will begin the process of maintenance and providing the raw material. After this, we will pass every step of the export process with our professional manager and employees.

Every step can be scheduled by yourself and our consulting points. The flexibility of our schedule and working process about exporting will please every customer. This will be tangible by you if you choose us as the target of participation. Now, it is time for you to decide!