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Infinity Galaxy, Bitumen Supplier in the Middle East

At Infinity Galaxy Company, as a bitumen supplier in the Middle East, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers, not short-term profits. We try to provide you high quality bitumen from the best refineries with the reasonable price.

We promise you that our trained staff can help you to choose the best type of bitumen to meet your need according to your condition.

Read more about Infinity Galaxy’s available bitumen grades, types of packaging and terms of purchase below.

Available Bitumen Grades

At Infinity Galaxy, we try to get high quality bitumen from the reliable refineries in the Middle East. We provide the appropriate bitumen for various countries around the world according to the different weather conditions. We supply all grades of bitumen including Cut Back bitumen, Bitumen Emulsion, Oxidized Bitumen, Bitumen AH grade, Bitumen Viscosity Grade, Bitumen Penetration Grade, Bitumen Performance Grade, Bitumen Australian Grade, Asphalt Cement Grade and Iraqi Bitumen. Each grades of bitumen has its own specification. If you want to buy bitumen, it’s necessary to get notified about this specification, to choose the best type of these grades to meet your need. You can contact us, definitely our sales experts will help you.





Bitumen Price

The price of bitumen is affected by the amount of supply and demand, peak consumption season and the price of vacuum bottom, the base material of bitumen production. The price of vacuum bottom itself is affected by factors such as crude oil price, political circumstances and currency rates equality. Infinity Galaxy in these 10 years of exporting bitumen experience, has tried to present the high quality bitumen to the customers at a suitable price. Our team at Infinity Galaxy reviews and analyzes the price and market of bitumen and it releases weekly reports of crude oil and bitumen market that you can see here. Our experts try to give you the best advice and keep you informed about the current conditions of the bitumen market. Below, you can see the Bitumen Price Chart in 2021.


Bitumen Price Chart (2021)


To find out the bitumen CFR or FOB price you can visit this page that updates regularly, or you can contact us.


Terms of Purchase from Infinity Galaxy

We consider sales conditions for each customer according to different factors including the amount of tonnage, type of bitumen, packing type and the destination port. Your destination port may have special export rules and regulations, in which case the final price of the cargo will be determined by considering these rules. Our effort is the highest level of cooperation with our customers while providing suitable bitumen for them.

Terms of payment

Infinity Galaxy's terms of payment are as follows:

  • We, as a seller, based on TT method, first demand 25 to 30% of the total price of the good as a pre-payment from the importer.
  • Then the importer after agreeing with us; will transfer the pre-payment amount to our declared account in foreign currency.
  • After receiving the pre-payment, we start loading the cargo and send a copy of the bill of lading and other documents to the buyer and demand the rest of the amount.
  • The buyer will also settle the account with us after paying the remaining amount of the cargo, and after receiving the amount by Infinity Galaxy, we will send the original shipping documents to the buyer.


Since packaging is one the most important issues in the bitumen exporting, Infinity Galaxy offers appropriate types of different packaging. These packages classify into three groups including New steel drums, Bulk and Jumbo Bag according to several factors like cost, environment side effects, storage and shipping.

New Steel Drum

New steel drum of bitumen which is a popular packaging in exporting bitumen, can vary depending on thickness, lid, volume and height.

Four different types of new steel drums are:

  1. long new steel drum with the capacity of 180 KG
  2. short new steel drum with the capacity of 150 KG (very popular in Bangladesh and Indonesia)
  3. short new steel drum-big lid with the capacity of 156 KG (common in India and Nepal)
  4. long new steel drum with the capacity of 200 KG (high demand drum in Pakistan)

 If you want to know more details about drum, click Here.


Known as the normal drum 180 kg

Known as the normal drum 150 kg

Known as the Short Drum- big lid 156kg

Known as the Long New Steel Drum 200 Kg


New Cold Rolled Steel

New Cold Rolled Steel

New Cold Rolled Steel

New Cold Rolled Steel

Height (mm)





Diameter (mm)


Body thickness (mm)





Top/Base thickness (mm)





Net weight (kg) ± 2.5


Gross weight (kg) ±2.5


Empty drum weight(kg) ±1





Lid (a removable cover on the top of a drum)







High temperature tolerance


Easy to fill

High temperature tolerance


Easy to fill

High temperature tolerance


Easy to fill

High temperature tolerance


Easy to fill


In large-scale projects, bulk bitumen is the most economical way of exporting bitumen. There are some factors that influence bulk bitumen price, such as bulk capacity, loading duration and exchange fluctuation. This type of packing is very popular among our Indian customers.

Jumbo Bag

The Infinity Galaxy suggests jumbo bag that is an environmentally friendly package. This poly bag is a multi- layer bag that its inner layer is consumable and the outer lining is recyclable. There exist two different types of jumbo bag with the specifications below:

Type of jumbo bag



Cage dimensions

Bag 1 MT

100*107*107 cm

100 cm


Bag 250 kg

100*55*55 cm

100 cm


Do you want to know more about several types of packing? This page can help you.



Why Infinity Galaxy?

  1. Live tracking of your purchased bitumen
  2. Avoid Extra charge of export and import
  3. Weekly reports of bitumen prices and markets

Live tracking of your purchased bitumen

Upon your purchase completion, when the bitumen is being prepared for shipment to the destination port, our experts will inform you with daily reports on the status of the purchased bitumen. These reports that we call it live tracking, will be in the form of videos and photos of the bitumen you purchased.



Avoid extra charges of export and import when you buy bitumen

At Infinity Galaxy, all costs are agreed upon in advance. The costs of shipping, freight, inspection, and insurance are clear to our customers. We want to ensure that our clients receive the exact product and services they expect.

Some bitumen exporters may offer you the lowest prices of bitumen, however, they cannot guarantee to deliver your goods as promised.

Whether you choose a FOB, CFR, or CIF version of payment, you need to rely on your supplier’s expertise in delivering the required export services. Infinity Galaxy, in the recent years has been a reliable bitumen supplier that has delivered different bitumen grades to different ports around the world. 


Below is a list of items you should pay attention when you decide to purchase bitumen from Infinity Galaxy.

Find more about our sales conditions

Advising to buy bitumen at a reasonable price

Based on the information we have from the market, we can advise you when the right time to buy bitumen is. Therefore, due to the fluctuations in the bitumen market, you can safely buy the bitumen you need at the best time.

You need only contact us for guidance and our professionals will provide you with recommendations.

Supply chain of bitumen

There are more than 30 refineries in the Middle East who produce high quality bitumen.

In the supply chain of bitumen, Infinity Galaxy is the closest to these sources of high quality products. We have a face to face conversation with them, on a daily basis.

With the help of our bitumen networks, we make it easy for you to find the best available bitumen price.

We try to deliver the best bitumen with a suitable quality to you with the very good information that we have of refineries and shipbuilding companies.

Choose a supplier of bitumen that prioritizes quality over price.


 International inspectors of SGS and Geo-Chem, oversee the cargo and technical documents, before loading.

They inspect the product to ensure that the product is conforming to what stated in the contract text and it is the product with the specifications that importers demand.


Infinity Galaxy is an international bitumen supplier that prepares all the essential documents for customers. Some of these documents are related to us as a seller and the rest of them are related to you as a buyer. The documents that we have to fill out and present to you are:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Original Bill of Lading / Master Bill of Lading
  3. Switch Bill of Lading (SBL)
  4. CO: Certificate of Origin
  5. COA: Certificate of Analysis
  6. Packing List
  7. GIS | PVoC | IDF (Import Declaration Form)
  8. Certificate of Quality and Quantity by Third Party Inspector (GEO-Chem) & (Bureau VERITAS - BV) & SGS

Below you can see different documents that are related to you as an importer and you have to present them:

  1. Pro-forma Invoice
  2. Draft of Bill of Lading (BL)

In addition to above documents, it’s necessary to present the IDF (Import Declaration Form) from our Kenyan customers.

To know more you can visit the export document page.

11. Is it possible to use LC Method of Payment?

Based on our general conditions at that time, we will decide whether to accept LC in Dubai, or not. The applicant bank should have enough credit that our bank accepts in Dubai. Also, if the shipping line can supply the documents we need, we will probably accept LC payment.
22. Who is responsible for the cost of inspection?

We pay the inspectioncosts unless the volume of cargo is small, or an agreement is made that the buyer is prepared to pay.
33. Who pays the Terminal Handling Charges?

We will pay THC.


Our experts in Infinity Galaxy will guide and advise you to purchase the suitable bitumen that meet your requirement. You just need to fill out below form, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.