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We have benefited African importers and retailers with high-quality bitumen over 10 years. We know that each market has its own wishes and requirements; that’s why we can bring bitumen to our clients in Cameroon, in a cost-effective way.

In close cooperation with leading refiners in the Middle East, we are now capable of supplying optimum bitumen to all African countries, in every season. With years of focusing on what our clients in Cameroon prefer, we have developed our pricing policy over time. We have access to popular grades of bitumen penetration 60/70 and 80/100, and MC30 Cut-Back bitumen, with the best possible price.

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We deal with all aspects of bitumen trading ourselves, including finding the best source of bitumen, doing the initial price negotiation with refineries, purchasing bitumen and transporting.

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Latest Bitumen Price in Cameroon

Cameroon is one of the members of the “Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)”. Other members of this community are Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, Rwanda. One of the objectives of ECCAS is to improve the regional economic co-operation in Central Africa. Therefore, some protocols are established to facilitate commercial trading in the central region.

Douala, a strategic port in Cameroon, plays an important role in achieving ECCAS’ objectives. When exported bitumen cargo arrives in Douala port, it can be shipped all through Central Africa.

Bitumen Price in Douala Port

Bitumen 60/70 Price in Cameroon

563 ± 5 USD-MT

Bitumen 80/100 Price in Cameroon

563 ± 5 USD-MT

Bitumen MC-30 Price in Cameroon

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Bitumen price has been updated on 2nd August 2021

The annual bitumen export to Cameroon is about 160,000 tons to 200,000 tons. Highly popular grades of bitumen in Cameroon are penetration grade 80/100 and bitumen 60/70. They are available in a variety of packaging, including a new steel drum, jumbo bag, polybag, 40 kg bags, and bulk.

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For measuring the costs of importing bitumen to Cameroon, you need to consider the costs of preparing specific documents such as the third-party inspection as well as CFR Douala Cameroon bitumen price.

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Inspections and Documents Necessary for Bitumen Import

We prepare all the required export documents for our clients in Cameroon in order to make customs procedures easier for them. We try to deliver inspection documents such as Geochem and SGS to buyers in Cameroon as soon as possible.

A list of Export Documents Required in Cameroon

Pro Forma Invoice (PI): This is the beginning of our partnership. It shows that we have agreed to sell a certain amount of specific bitumen at the negotiated price to a buyer in Cameroon. This document shows the primary approval of our deal.

A Sample of Proforma Invoice

Commercial Invoice (CI): CI is an export document crucial for customs clearance. The document illustrates the purchased products, their value, and shipping costs in detail.

A Sample of Commercial Invoice

Packing List: The Packing List contains information on the dimensions and weight of exported goods. Just like other documents, the packing list is crucial for customs clearance.

A Sample of Packing List

Certificate of Origin (CO): This document certifies that the exported goods are eligible to be exported from the country of origin.

A Sample of Certificate of Origin

Original Bill of Lading (BL or BOL): The bill of lading contains transportation information such as the terms and conditions that have been agreed between the buyer and seller. The shipping agency is in charge of preparing BL.

A Sample of Bill of Lading