Urea or Nitrogen 46%

Urea or Nitrogen 46% ( N 46% ) is a white, solid, odor-free substance which has many usages in technical grade and industry. Urea has a water solubility feature which makes it very useful for agriculture.  Infinity Galaxy supplies Nitrogen 46% in both granular and prilled form. Nitrogen 46% is also known as carbamide, an organic compound of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Hydrogen with the following chemical formula:

CON2H4 or (NH2)2CO.

Urea ( N 46% ) is made up of ammonia and carbon dioxide and is safer for shipping and environment than other petrochemical products. Urea can be a raw material for fermentation of sugars into ethanol, tooth whitening products, flavor-enhancing additive for a cigarette, flame-proofing agent and so on. Moreover, urea is a component of animal feed and non-corroding alternative to rock salt.

Hair removers and dish soaps may have urea in their ingredients.


Specification of Infinity Galaxy Urea (N46%) 

N2 content Wt% BS DIN EN 15478 Min 46 46.16
Biuret content Wt% BS DIN EN 15479 Max 1.0 0.94
Moisture Wt% ISO 760 Max 0.3 0.15
Particle size(1-2.4mm) % ISO 8397 Min 92 98.1
Formaldehyde % H.F.T 1.6 & SBB 0071-02-E Max 0.4 0.25
Formaldehyde in Industrial Urea PPM H.F.T 1.6 & SBB 0071-02-E Max 100 10
Anticake (eurasoft-150) PPM Eurasoft Method’s Max 1000 350
Anticake in Industrial Urea PPM Eurasoft Method’s Max 25 <25

Sample of Urea packaging: 50 KGS Bag