Caustic Soda

Infinity Galaxy supplies caustic soda (NaOH) in both flakes and lye forms.
Chemically speaking, caustic soda formula is NaOH or Sodium Hydroxide. It has a wide consumption in many countries, it is a strong detergent, bleaching, antibacterial substance. Since it is used for disinfecting machines in wine factories, in countries such as Georgia which are wine producers, we can estimate a high use of caustic soda. Countries such as Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, and East Africa apply this product as a cotton bleacher in the textile industry. Detergent producers such as the European Union countries and East Asian countries, use caustic soda for manufacturing cleaning and sanitizers. Infinity Galaxy supplies NaOH  with 99.8% purity which is applicable even in the food industry due to its high purity.

NaOH-Sodium Hydroxide Flakes:
Technical procedures on the liquid form lead to the production of flakes without any impurities. Sodium Hydroxide Flake is highly hygroscopic and soluble in water. Good to know that the minimum purity is 99%.

  • Packaging:

25kg thick PP/PE bags

 Sodium hydroxide is scentless, although it is not hazardous.  Sodium hydroxide is a CORROSIVE chemical substance which can cause severe burns in all tissues that it comes in contact with.

  • Packing:

Infinity Galaxy offers two types of caustic soda flake packing as follow:

25kg PP/PE bags in Jumbo Bag (per jumbo bag weight is 1.25MT)

25kg PP/PE shrinking on the pallet

  • Each Container 20 ft (High Cube Container) : 20*1.25 MT Jumbo Bag Shrink , contain: 50*25 KG Bag Caustic Soda
  • Each Container 20 ft (Normal Container) : 20*1 MT Jumbo Bag Shrink , Palletized , contain: 40*25 KG Bag Caustic Soda
  • Usage:

Caustic soda flakes or sodium hydroxide can be applied in:

Refineries Alumina

Plastic wrap

Soaps and cleaners


Textile processing

Oil refining

Water treatment

Metal processing

In the petroleum industry, Sodium Hydroxide is put to increase the PH of the drilling mud, making it more viscous. Caustic soda also helps to remove sulfur impurities from low-grade crude oil. Furthermore; in the production of biodiesel, we can see that caustic soda is an important agent. We (Infinity Galaxy) are exporting flake caustic soda to many destinations all over the world, such as the Middle East, India, African and East Asia countries.

  • Formula:

Flake Caustic soda has some other names according to application in different industries, such as:

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), purity/mass: Min. 99.50

Chlorides / NaCl, purity / mass: Max. 0.10

Sodium carbonate / Na2CO3, purity / mass, Max. 0.40

Specification of Caustic Soda Flakes 99.5% Purity

Test name Unit Degree important Accepting Limit Test Result Test method
Purity of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) % W Important Min 98 99.16 IRISI-364 clause1-7/IRISI 6135
Carbonate as Na₂Co₃ % W Important Max 1 0.43 IRISI-364 clause2-7/IRISI 6135
Chloride as NaCl % W Important Max 0.06 0.0085 IRISI-364 clause3-7/IRISI 2535
Sulfate as Na₂So₄ % W Important Max 0.01 0.0047 IRISI-364 clause4-7/IRISI 2539
Silicate as SiO2 % W Important Max 0.02 0.0019 IRISI-364 clause5-7/IRISI 2531
Fe mg/Kg Important Max 30 12.5 IRISI-364 clause6-7/IRISI 2537
Insoluble in water % W Important Max 0.1 0 IRISI-364 clause7-7/IRISI 7904
Aluminum as Al₂O₃ mg/Kg Important Max 20 <20 IRISI-364 clause8-7/IRISI 7903
Heavy metals as Pb mg/Kg Important Max 20 <20 IRISI-364 clause9-7/IRISI 7905