October 11, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Reasons of Crude Price Rebound

The market was extremely positive about oil conditions after knowing supply is still under control. While the US had asked OPEC to increase the supply to
October 7, 2021

Bitumen Weekly Report: Shadow of Demand on the Golden Days of Market

Infinity Galaxy expectations regarding the reasons behind a flourishing market in last week’s report came true. A stormy and absolutely active market was observed during the
October 6, 2021

Expectations for a Rise of Recycled oil After the Sudden Reduction

The price of base oil and lubricant has been steady in the last week, unlike expectations. Meanwhile, oil prices continue to rise sharply. This increase in
October 5, 2021

Caustic Soda Market Report

What is going on in the Eastern Caustic Soda markets? China’s electricity rationing problem persists, and over the last week, the price of Caustic Soda has
October 4, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Crude Waiting For OPEC

Oil took the rally to $80 in the last week of September and had the 4th week of gains. Brent closed the week at $78.80 and
September 30, 2021

Weekly Bitumen Report: The Powerful Return of Market after Monsoon

By the end of monsoon season in 2021, all the potential components of the market let the prices grow and as it was reported last week,
September 29, 2021

Base Oil, Recycled Oil, and Lubricants Outlook Following the Unprecedented Rise of Crude

While vaccination is expanding in many countries and governments are easing corona restrictions, oil is rising to the $80 range. Goldman Sachs predicts that oil prices
September 28, 2021

Caustic Soda Market Review

Sharp increase in global Caustic Soda price and DG Cargo freight While the Caustic Soda market in the Western markets remained stable this week, with US
September 27, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Crude Appeared Determined to Rise

Oil took back the highest price in the last two months then retreated slightly on Friday session. Traders preferred profit-taking seemingly or consider the crude just
September 23, 2021

Weekly Bitumen Report: Optimism and Price Increase after a Period of Recession

As it was mentioned in the last week report of Infinity Galaxy, the market of bitumen is completely dynamic following the trend of price increase. Also,
September 22, 2021

Soaring Freights Shocked the Market

Last week, natural disasters disrupted the export and import schedules. Hurricane Ida caused severe power outages that disrupted the normal operation of ports and terminals. It
September 20, 2021

Weekly Oil Report : Price stability of oil and factors influencing its upward trend

Despite the unstable market conditions, the Brent price was able to stay in the $ 70- $75 range during the last week from September 13 to