November 8, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Bullish and Bearish Aspects of the Market

After the third week of oil fall, the market began the week with a slight bullish gap. Brent and WTI closed the week at $81.73 and
November 4, 2021

Weekly Bitumen Report: Chaos of Market under the Influence of Oil, Demand, and Competitions

Within the last week, the market was stormy by the beginning of the week and the IME observed 22% competition on VB by Bandar Abbas refineries
November 3, 2021

Base Oil and Lubricant Markets Affected by Various Changes

Last week, major changes happened in the market of base oil and lubricants, including the following: Oil prices continued to break records of past seven years.
November 1, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Fundamentalists Are still in Fond of Crude

Oil experienced the second week of loss at the end of October. The fall can be considered as a price correction after several consecutive weeks of
October 28, 2021

Weekly Bitumen Report: Record Breaking Bitumen Prices

Within the last week, the market of bitumen was affected by considerable changes. The severe competitions on vacuum bottom, the stability of oil price in the
October 27, 2021

Sharp Price Increase Has Evoked the Market

Various factors have affected the market last week. changes in the base oil, lubricant, and recycled base oil market were mixed up. While some grades had
October 25, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Slight Hesitation Crawling to the Market

After weeks of the rapid rally, oil market participants showed slight reluctance to buy crude at the current levels. Although it got to $85.48 at the
October 21, 2021

Weekly Bitumen Report: Global Surge of Bitumen Price

As reported by Infinity Galaxy on Monday, oil price experienced another growing week and succeeded to reach near 85 US dollar. At the time of preparing
October 20, 2021

Stable Lubricant and Base Oil Market with The Chance of Growth

Significant consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic continue to affect the markets of base oils, lubricants and recycled oil. Demand in the market has not yet recovered
October 18, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Energy Crisis Worsens Along Crude Rapid Rise

Oil had another gaining week and succeeded to reach near $85. The price has not been seen in the market for a long time. Brent closed
October 14, 2021

Weekly Bitumen Report: Market Experiencing The Firsts

As it was reported in the last 4 articles of Infinity Galaxy, the market has been experiencing a continuous price rise. Therefore, we suggested the strategy
October 13, 2021

India Shocked the Market by Ceasing the Shipping from Several Origins

The price of recycled base oil and lubricant peaked in the first half of the year due to declining production and high demand. Last week, while