Oxidized (Blown) Bitumen 115/15


Oxidized bitumen R115/15 has a softening point of 115 and its penetration grade is 15. This type of bitumen is suitable for hot weather and it can be used in the oil and gas industry for coating the pipelines to prevent rust and corrosion.

Oxidized bitumen 115/15 production

This type of bitumen is produced in refineries by blowing hot air into the bitumen at temperatures of 200 to 300 degrees Celsius. The CAS code for it is 64742-93-4.

Uses of Oxidized Bitumen 115/15

This product can be applied to different types of projects.

Oxidized bitumen 115/15 is not widely used in road construction. But, sometimes civil engineers use it to fill the pavement cracking.

This solid bitumen is suitable for use in hydropower projects such as dams and embankments.

It can be used as a main material for canal lining to avoid the water seepage.

This bitumen has applications in roof coating.

It can be used as a thin layer or membrane under the shingles, carriage roofing compounds and liquid roof coating.

Oxidized bitumen 115/15 plays a significant role in flooring. It has acid and alkali resistance and can be used in a variety of industries.

oxidized bitumen 115/15

Advantages of oxidized or blown bitumen 115/15 

  •   It is long lasting
  •   It is not easily damaged by water
  •  This bitumen has a suitable flexibility which prevents the pavement cracking
  •   It has a good resistance to change in a chemical reaction

Oxidized (Blown) bitumen 115/15 specification

Various standard testing methods exist, including: ASTM, DIN, AASHTO, etc. The following properties of oxidized bitumen 115/15 are measured by Infinity Galaxy using the ASTM standard test method:

Oxidized bitumen 115/15

Flash Point C

260 Min


Solubility in CS-2



Penetration 25 ◦C



Specific Gravity 25 C

1.05 Approx


Ductility 25 ◦C

1.5 Min


Softening Point ◦C



Oxidized bitumen 115/15 packing

  • Bulk  
  • Carton
  • Laminate bag
  • Craft bag
  • Jumbo bags are the most environmentally friendly packaging for oxidized bitumen 115/15
  •  Polyamide melt-able bags that their melting temperature is 160 to 180 C and has a capacity of 25 to 50 kg.

Infinity Galaxy, Oxidized (Blown) bitumen 115/15 Supplier

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