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VG 10 bitumen is a high quality  bitumen, ideal for paving roads at very cold temperatures. With its brilliant performance against repeated freeze-thaw cycles, buying VG10 bitumen is preferred to other grades of bitumen when the weather is very cold.

Bitumen needs to have a viscosity range of 800 poises in cold regions (Below 30°C), which means the bitumen’s stiffness is low enough to offer maximum bonding and adhesive properties with aggregates.

With its low viscosity, VG10 bitumen also performs well when spraying and surface dressing is needed.

In this article you can read more about different types of bitumen that are suitable for road construction and its maintaining. 

VG 10 Bitumen Latest Price

We always recommend traders to satisfy their clients’ needs without compromising the quality. Whether you are a trader or end-user of bitumen in cold regions, you will benefit from buying VG10 bitumen.

Although this bitumen’s price is higher than other equivalent grades, such as bitumen penetration 80/100, the quality is superior.

But why the price of VG 10 is higher? Well, only a few of bitumen manufacturers in the Middle East are capable of producing VG 10 bitumen. The high quality vacuum bottom used as the feedstock is not available to all refineries. 

Please be informed that the prices are approximate, due to fluctuations in the bitumen market. Therefore, it is better to contact our sales experts by clicking on the below box.

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Current Price for buying VG10 Bitumen

New Steel Drum - FOB

425-435 USD-MT

Updated on 28th November 2021

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Price of VG 10 Bitumen?

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How to Check the Quality, before buying VG10 Bitumen?

One of the main challenges when buying VG 10 bitumen, is to differentiate it from bitumen penetration 80/100.

Since these two bitumen grades look exactly the same, the only way to recognize them is to test them.

Therefore, it is recommended to ask your supplier for the test results, to make sure that you are not buying bitumen penetration 80/100 instead of VG10 bitumen.

The only thing you need to do is checking the absolute viscosity and penetration value of your bitumen (VG 10’s absolute viscosity should be 800 poises and penetration value should be between 80 and 100).

For a full description of viscosity grade bitumen’s advantages to penetration grade bitumen see this article

Steps to Buying VG10 Bitumen from Infinity Galaxy

An ideal VG10 buy is guaranteed by going through a few steps necessary for import and export.

The first step to buy VG10 bitumen is to do the price negotiation, agree on the quantity, and inform your supplier about the port of discharge.

Your purchase becomes official by taking the next step and prepare your letter of intent (LOI).

As you may know, LOI is the preliminary agreement between your company and  Infinity Galaxy, which shows you are ready to go through the next steps.

For the next step, you need to wait for Infinity Galaxy to issue a pro forma invoice (PI) and send it to you.

Although the conditions of sale written in PI are changeable afterward, with it our buyers can get a fixed price of VG10 bitumen and estimate extra costs, including shipping.

After receiving the PI and finding the cost details, Infinity Galaxy will ask you to approve your purchase. In this stage, you are required to confirm PI before buying VG10 bitumen, by signing and stamping the document.

For those clients that agreed on paying the costs in advance, the next step would be to do the payment as negotiated with Infinity Galaxy.

Afterward, we would be in charge of purchasing your VG10 bitumen immediately and load the cargos from Jebel Ali Port within two weeks.

As a reliable supplier of VG10 bitumen, we take care of all your concerns regarding shipping and delivery time.

We will also be responsible for issuing the documents that you need, including Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Container List, Certificate of Quality and Quantity, Certificate of Origin, and Original Bill of Lading.

In the next section, we will further explain the required documents for completing your VG10 buy.

Payment Terms Available for VG 10

Payment options in our company are flexible and can be changed according to the requirements of traders and importers of bitumen VG 10.

The following are two common payment methods for VG 10 bitumen:

  • Full prepayment
  • T/T (30% in advance, balance payment against BL draft or the copy of customs clearance documents)

Based on our experience during our time in the industry, the best payment method for VG10 bitumen is the 30% down payment method. The terms of this payment method are clear and build mutual trust for further cooperation with Infinity Galaxy.

Payment terms at Infinity Galaxy can be changed and negotiated according to some factors including order quantity and the value of your purchased bitumen.

Which Trade Documents Infinity Galaxy Provides to You?

We will prepare all the documents for your customs release so that your customs work and related documents do not disrupt your plans.

In order to help customers experience no delay at the customs and receive their VG 10 Bitumen on time, we adjust the documents in such a way that all the essential information is mentioned in it.

You must receive the following documents from us along with your bitumen:

Pro Forma Invoice (PI): In this first prepared document, the order amount along with the price will be sent to the clients. The confirmation of this document is required for the next step.

A Sample of Proforma Invoice

Commercial Invoice (CI): You need to have this document for customs clearance because it details the type of cargo, the order quantity, shipping costs, and other required details.

A Sample of Commercial Invoice

Packing List: For customs clearance and cargo delivery, it is necessary to have this document in which the net weight and gross weight of each package or container is specified in detail. 

A Sample of Packing List

Certificate of Origin (CO): In this document, the origin and destination of the VG 10 are introduced and the customs also need this document to prove that the departure of the goods is legal.

A Sample of Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Quality and Quantity (Inspection Certificate): In global exchanges, this document is used to determine the exact amount and quality of VG10 bitumen. To prepare this document, we ask international inspectors to verify the drums before loading, to ensure that the weight and quality of the cargo match the client’s order. For different types of inspections available at Infinity Galaxy click here.   

A Sample of Inspection Certificate

Original Bill of Lading (BL or BOL): This important document is prepared by the shipping company. The items specified in this document usually include the details of the goods, their exact destination, and shipping conditions. 

A Sample of Bill of Lading

How Infinity Galaxy delivers the VG10 Bitumen on time?

We understand our client’s sensitivity to the delivery time and do our best to minimize it.

To plan the best delivery time of VG10 bitumen, we rely on our strong, long-term relationships with refineries. With the cooperation of our reliable partners in refineries, we can deliver client orders in the shortest time.

As a reliable exporter, we have also established good relationships with shipping companies. This allows us to check the conditions, be informed of shipping restrictions, and calculate the approximate delivery time.

In doing so, our company is proud to announce 80% satisfaction for the time of delivery.

Types of VG10 Bitumen Packaging

Proper packaging is one of the Infinity Galaxy’s top priorities. To reduce the risk of contamination in the VG10 bitumen, we offer the highest quality packaging in accordance with the global standards.

We also check all bitumen containers before loading to prevent possible problems.

Customers will be able to choose between different types of bitumen packaging, including short steel drums, long steel drums, Jumbo Bags, Poly Cubes, and Bitutainers.

Bulk transportation is also possible in tankers, the dimensions of which usually vary between 1000 and 8000 tons.

For more details on various bitumen packaging available at Infinity Galaxy visit here.

If the client needs special markings on the drums, our company will insert the desired marking properly on the drums.

Three Reasons to Buy VG 10 Bitumen
from Infinity Galaxy

Infinity Galaxy is a company formed by experts that have a long and rich experience in the field of bitumen trading.

Based on our people’s efforts, we have extended our export destinations to more than 30 countries in less than 10 years. In order to continue to perform well in the next decade, we have to stay committed to providing VG 10 bitumen buyers with the best quality.

Secondly, our business relies on the continuous partnership, not one-time purchases.

This approach enables us to prioritize your satisfaction to our profits. We hold ourselves accountable for providing you with premium quality VG 10 bitumen and best available price in the region. This way we can have you with us today and in the future.

Finally, our approach to business is not just selling bitumen, it is also to accompany you in your path towards trading high quality VG 10 bitumen.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive consultation service to our clients. We can also tell you when the right time for buying bitumen is, helping you make better decisions and save more money.

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Price of VG 10 Bitumen?

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