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Purchase VG 40 bitumen from Infinity Galaxy to reduce your costs without losing the quality.

Is the market for VG 40 bitumen growing fast in your country? If yes, you have to find a trusted supplier of bitumen that shows you the path to a profitable purchase. Infinity Galaxy is one of the leading VG 40 suppliers in the Middle East that brought its clients with more than 80% satisfaction. After 10 years of experience, we are now a selected supplier of bitumen, based on four factors: reasonable price, premium quality, on-time delivery, and satisfactory preparation of export documents.

To add to your profit when buying VG 40 bitumen, you need to make sure your supplier is capable of supplying high quality product. You have probably noticed before, that VG 40 bitumen and penetration bitumen 40/50 look exactly alike, however, they do not perform the same in the time of application. To help our buyers avoid any mistake when purchasing VG 40 bitumen, we test the properties of bitumen twice before loading, once in the refinery, and once in the port.

Buying VG 40 bitumen can also be challenging when it comes to delivery time. Through our long lasting relationship with shipping companies, we at Infinity Galaxy make sure that our clients will receive their purchased goods before their deadlines.

Another point of differentiation in our way of trading VG 40 bitumen, is to provide our clients with cost-efficient solutions in various steps of buying and importing. To make sure that you have no challenge during your buying process, contact our sales experts here

Or continue reading our comprehensive guide on buying VG 40 bitumen below.

Current Price of VG40 Bitumen

VG 40 bitumen’s price is higher than the ordinary bitumen. To produce VG 40 bitumen, refineries are required to use a high quality vacuum bottom, which makes the price of this grade higher than other grades of bitumen, such as bitumen penetration grade 40/50.

We provide our clients with an approximate price of VG 40 bitumen every two weeks, to help them estimate their financial profits in a more clear way. Please not that prices are negotiable based on the quantity of your order.

Current VG 40 Bitumen Price

New Steel Drum - FOB

360-365 USD-MT

Updated on 2nd August 2021

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Price of VG 40 Bitumen?

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How to Make Sure a Bitumen is VG40, not 40/50?

Although VG 40 bitumen and penetration grade bitumen 40/50 look exactly the same, their physical properties, viscosity range, and performance is completely different. VG 40 bitumen has been optimized for road construction at higher temperatures. Since the viscose properties of this bitumen are measured at three various temperatures (25, 60, and 135°C), it offers easier handling and maintenance, in comparison to pen grade bitumen 40/50. Here you can find a comprehensive article about the advantages of VG bitumen to pen grades.

To differentiate VG 40 bitumen from penetration grade 40/50, it is necessary to check the results of bitumen tests on your purchased bitumen. Get the test results from Infinity Galaxy and see if the absolute viscosity and penetration value of your bitumen is in range (VG 40’s absolute viscosity should be 3200 poises and penetration value should be between 40 and 60).

Would you like to know more about Bitumen Tests? Click here.

It is also important to buy VG 40 bitumen from a trustworthy supplier, who have good relationships with reputable refineries in the Middle East in the production of viscosity grade bitumen. At Infinity Galaxy, we guarantee that our VG 40 bitumen is of the highest standards by testing the properties of bitumen drums before loading (SGS inspection), as well as controlling the test results of bitumen in refineries. As a result, our clients will never buy bitumen 40/50 instead of VG 40 bitumen.

Steps to Buying VG 40 Bitumen from Infinity Galaxy

For a perfect export and import of VG 40 bitumen, it is necessary to follow a few steps:

Before signing any official agreement, you need to negotiate the price of VG40 bitumen, agree on your required quantity, and specify the destination port of the cargo for the supplier.

The next step would be preparing the LOI letter (letter of intent) and making your purchase official. It is important to know that the LOI is your first official letter to Infinity Galaxy indicating that you are serious about your VG 40 purchase.

After receiving your LOI, Infinity Galaxy will prepare and submit the pro forma invoice (PI). The purpose of issuing PI is to preliminary agree on a deal with a fixed price of VG 40. This document will also enable traders and buyers to estimate extra costs of purchasing bitumen such as shipping and inspection.

After you become aware of the price details by PI, Infinity Galaxy will ask you to confirm the PI by signing and stamping the document.

The next step is to pay a percentage of the costs in advance (approximately 30%). Afterward, Infinity Galaxy will be responsible for supplying VG 40 bitumen within two weeks and loading it from Jebel Ali port to your destination.

Infinity Galaxy is responsible for all stages of cargo transportation and timely delivery of VG 40 bitumen. To make sure that our customers experience a unique bitumen trade, we will also issue and deliver all the documents required in the process, including Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Container List, Certificate of Quality and Quantity, Certificate of Origin, and Original Bill of Lading.

We will shed more light on the documents required to buy VG 40 bitumen here.

What are Payment Terms for VG 40 Bitumen?

Payment terms at Infinity Galaxy are flexible enough to meet the demands of VG 40 buyers. We put all our efforts to provide our clients with fair and reasonable payment conditions. Below are two of the best payment methods for VG 40 traders and importers:

  • Full advanced Payment
  • T/T (30% as advanced payment, 70% as balance payment by the copy of customs clearance documents or BL draft)

Our expertise in supplying bitumen along with our knowledge about oil market trends, suggests that the most reliable way to buy VG 40 is advanced Payment. The terms of this type of payment are clear, simple, and strengthen the foundation of trust between the customer and Infinity galaxy.

Note that Infinity Galaxy’s payment terms can be negotiated based on the order quantity, order value, and market fluctuations.

Trade Documents Needed to Buy VG 40 Bitumen

For your convenience and the progress of work according to your plans, our company prepares all the documents required for a smooth customs clearance of VG 40 bitumen. To avoid any delay in customs and guarantee timely delivery of VG 40 bitumen cargos, we deliver all the required documents to our clients as they wish.

The documents you receive from Infinity Galaxy are as follows:

Proforma Invoice (PI): is the first official export document in which a particular amount of cargo is officially announced to the client at a specific price. This document is issued by the seller and needs approval from the buyer.

A Sample of Proforma Invoice

Commercial Invoice (CI): This is a document required for the clearance of goods. This document details the products purchased, their value, and costs.

A Sample of Commercial Invoice

Packing List: One of the essential documents for clearance and delivery of goods. In this document, the weight of each package and container is specified.

A Sample of Packing List

Certificate of Origin (CO): It is one of the necessary export documents in which the country of origin and destination is declared. Based on this document, customs ensures that the supplier had the right to export specific goods from a specific origin.

A Sample of Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Quality and Quantity (Inspection Certificate): This document is prepared to verify the quality and quantity of goods in international trade. International inspectors check and approve VG 40 bitumen drums before shipment. The document declares that the quality and quantity of exported goods will be exactly according to the client’s request. For different types of inspections available at Infinity Galaxy click here.  

A Sample of Inspection Certificate

Original Bill of Lading (BL or BOL): It is a very important document issued by the transport agency, which states that a certain amount of cargo has been sent to a specific destination. BL also contains information about the terms and conditions of transport.

A Sample of Bill of Lading

How do We Ensure On-time Delivery of VG 40 Bitumen?

on time delivery of bitumen

What Packaging Choices are Available for VG 30?

packing VG 30 bitumen

Three Reasons to Buy VG 40 Bitumen from Infinity Galaxy

supplier of vg 30 bitumen

How do We Ensure On-time Delivery of VG 40 Bitumen?

We rely on our long and stable relationships with refineries and transportation agencies to meet our clients’ preferences for the transportation of VG 40 bitumen.

We do our best to minimize delivery problems and address our customers’ concerns about freight delivery. With the help of our trusted partners in reputable refineries, we are able to load more than 500 tonnes of VG40 per week.

As a committed supplier, we also have good relationships with shipping agencies that allow us to check the restrictions and conditions of different shipping destinations. Based on this firsthand information, we can estimate the actual shipping time and inform our clients. Doing so in the last 10 years, we can proudly announce that 80% of our buyers are satisfied with the delivery time.

What are the Options for
Packaging VG 40 Bitumen?

Our journey to supplying high quality products is finished with a safe packaging of VG 40 bitumen. The bitumen packaging offered by infinity galaxy is made in high quality and under market standards to prevent bitumen contamination. Besides, all VG 40 bitumen containers are strictly inspected before shipment to avoid problems.

We also give our clients the option to choose their VG40 bitumen packaging from a variety of available packages, such as short metal drums, long steel drums, jumbo bags, poly cubes, and bitutainer. In addition, we can provide our clients with bulk transportation. VG 40 bitumen is transported in tankers ranging in size between 1000 and 8000 tonnes. You can find more details on the available bitumen packaging at Infinity Galaxy here.

For those clients who need special markings on their drums, the company can accurately and perfectly engrave the desired markings on VG 40 bitumen drums.

Three Reasons to Buy VG 40 Bitumen
from Infinity Galaxy

Infinity Galaxy is a company formed by experts that have the requisite knowledge and experience in the field of bitumen trading. Based on our people’s efforts for meeting the demands of bitumen traders and importers, we have extended our export destinations to more than 30 countries in less than 10 years.

Secondly, we want to expand our business and for this, we prioritize continuous partnership over one-time purchase. By providing our clients with premium quality VG 40 bitumen and best available price, we make sure that they get a unique trading experience and continue their cooperation with Infinity Galaxy, which is great.

Finally, purchasing high quality and pure bitumen is sometimes complicated, especially VG 40 bitumen that creates a great value for both traders and local authorities. That’s why we offer a comprehensive consultation service to our clients, to make sure they are fully aware of technical specifications of each product before making a purchase.

To help our clients make better decisions and make well-informed decisions, we can also tell them when the right time for buying bitumen is.

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Price of VG 40 Bitumen?

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