Viscosity Grade Bitumen

Viscosity Grade Bitumen is another type of bitumen in which the viscosity is measured at a certain temperature. Known as VG bitumen, this product is highly recommended for roads constructions and pavements in summer. There are two methods of grading bitumen in terms of viscosity test:

1) Standard viscosity grade or (AC grades) which is the result of measuring the viscosity of the standard bitumen (asphalt) at 60c.

2) RTFOT or (AR grades) in which the viscosity of the standard bitumen is measured at 60c after the roll on thin-film oven test.

VG bitumen is mostly used in roads constructions, pavements, insulation, buildings, etc. These specific type of bitumen is recently more devoted to India’s market. The reason is the newly approved law of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). Humidity and climatic problems caused the consumption of only VG bitumen instead of others.

According to NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) laws of India, VG bitumen 10, VG 30 and VG 40 must be applied on major highways, roads and India states junctions. Infinity Galaxy honorably announces that its Viscosity grade bitumen with accurate specifications and NHAI-approved analysis has been regularly exported through ports such as Nhava Sheva (JNPT), Chennai, Cochin, Tuticorin and Mundra for 3 years.

Bitumen Viscosity Grade
Viscosity Grade Bitumen 10

This viscosity grade bitumen is mostly used in spraying applications such as paving in cold regions. VG 10 is an alternative for bitumen 80/100 penetration grade . It also acts as a feedstock in manufacturing Bitumen Emulsion and Modified Bitumen products.

Available Packing: New Steel Drum, Bulk, and other packings based on the customers’ demands.

Usage: Spraying applications, Paving


Viscosity Bitumen Grade 30

VG bitumen 30 is more suitable for construction of extra heavy duty Bitumen pavements. VG-30 needs to tolerate significant traffic loads than the other grades. It is an alternative for bitumen 60/70 penetration grade.

Available Packing: New Steel Drum, Bulk, and other packings based on the customers’ demands.

Usage: Paving


The viscosity grade bitumen 30 inspection sample by Infinity Galaxy can be seen in the file below.

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Drum Marking
Viscosity Bitumen Grade 40

This VG bitumen is used in highly stressed areas such as intersections, near toll booths and truck parking lots as an alternative for bitumen 30/40 penetration grade. Due to its higher viscosity, this type of bitumen becomes stiffer in order to amend resistance to shoving and other problems related to the higher temperature and heavy traffic loads.

Available Packing: New Steel Drum, Bulk, and other packings based on the customers’ demands.

 Usage: Paving, Road construction



Absolute Viscosity 60C, Poises, min 800 2400 3200
Kinematic Viscosity, 135oC, CST, min 250 350 400
Flash point, C, min 220 220 220
Solubility in trichloroethylene, %, min 99.0 99.0 99.0
Penetration at 25 C 80-100 50-70 40-60
Softening point, C, min 40 47 50
Tests on residue from thin film over test / RTFOT:
Viscosity ratio at 60oC, max 4.0 4.0 4.0
Ductility at 25oC, cm, min, after thin film over test 75 40 25