What Is Bitumen? How Is It Produced?

Bitumen is the crucial raw material in road construction, waterproofing and soundproofing industries and paint manufacturing. The world consumes over 100 tons of bitumen per year that is mostly used in road constructions. In the video above you find out what bitumen is and how it is produced.



Oil Market and the Pandemic 2020

Covid-19 spread quickly all over the world. Governments implemented severe lockdowns. By the end of the year, about 500,000 people died. The oil market crashed and touched the lowest levels in recent decades.



A Review Over Bitumen Price in 2018-2019

What were the reasons for the ups and downs of bitumen price in 2018 and 2019? Many global incidents, specifically in The Middle East, affected the price such as the US and China trade war or attacks on the Oman Gulf ships.



What Bitumen Packaging Is Suitable for Your Cargo?

Packaging has always been a significant concern in transporting bitumen depending on the cargo scale, bitumen grade, shipping. Join Infinity Galaxy to take a tour in the world of bitumen packing.



Global Bitumen Price and the Pandemic 2020

2020 was a difficult year for the economy. Coronavirus and the epidemic shifted the shape of the market and supply and demand. Companies encountered new challenges to enter the market, let’s see a full review of global bitumen price 2020.



All You Need to Know About Penetration Grade Bitumen

There are multiple grading methods for bitumen such as super pave performance, viscosity and penetration. In many countries, the most common bitumen for road construction is the penetration grade that you have a full review in the video.



The Bitumen's Journey

We have always tried to be customer-oriented on the bitumen journey of each client. We are next to you from the first step of your order submission to the last moment you apply your cargo. Our team is committed to making your purchase delightful.