May 10, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Crude Oil Surprised the Market

April 26, 2021
Weekly Oil Report: Iran Increasing Crude Oil Exports

Weekly Oil Report: Iran Increasing Crude Oil Exports

April 5, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: OPEC Shocking Rollover

March 15, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Will Demand Take Over The Supply?

February 1, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: The World In Hesitation

Pharmaceutical giants and vaccine makers announced hopefully about their jabs last week. Novavax, an American vaccine maker, announced their shots were 89% effective in the UK.
January 15, 2021
Imbalance of Supply-Demand Cycle-InfinityGalaxy

Imbalance of Supply-Demand Cycle due to the Shortage of VB and Fall of USD against Rial

This article was prepared by Razieh Gilani, the sales manager of Infinity Galaxy By approaching the official commencement of Joe Biden’s presidency, Iran currency market followed a decreasing
January 10, 2021

Commencement of 2021 with an Upward Trend of Oil Products Prices

This article was prepared by Tina Taghavi, the sales manager of Infinity Galaxy With the start of the New Year, as we predicted in previous weeks, prices have
December 28, 2020

Oil market Review till first of January 2021

This article was prepared by Mahnaz GolMohammadian, the Office Manager of Infinity Galaxy. Despite the near-term bullish trend in the past few weeks and verified vaccines,