November 29, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Covid Helped Biden with Crude

New fears have shocked markets of stocks and commodities. Crude oil that surprised traders by the rapid rally during recent weeks, stood as the leader of
November 22, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Situation Turns Against Crude Rally

Bearish news could take over the few bullish factors of the market during last week. Brent oil closed the week at $77.69 and WTI fell to
November 1, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Fundamentalists Are still in Fond of Crude

Oil experienced the second week of loss at the end of October. The fall can be considered as a price correction after several consecutive weeks of
October 18, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Energy Crisis Worsens Along Crude Rapid Rise

Oil had another gaining week and succeeded to reach near $85. The price has not been seen in the market for a long time. Brent closed
October 11, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Reasons of Crude Price Rebound

The market was extremely positive about oil conditions after knowing supply is still under control. While the US had asked OPEC to increase the supply to
September 20, 2021

Weekly Oil Report : Price stability of oil and factors influencing its upward trend

Despite the unstable market conditions, the Brent price was able to stay in the $ 70- $75 range during the last week from September 13 to
September 13, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Hopes Are Still Keeping the Market Bullish

Crude price bounced back during the last three weeks after stronger hopes for a steadier market and demand. Last week, oil fluctuated in the range of
September 6, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: The Vicious Cycle of Covid and Economic Transformations

Crude succeeded to rise a bit higher in the first week of September. However, the rise was not significant due to several incidents, including the oil
June 21, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Crude Rising in the Unsettled Market

June 14, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Blessed with Crude’s Market Powers

June 7, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Demand Projections Boosted Price Growth

May 24, 2021

Weekly Oil Report: Iran-US negotiations and weak demand hit sentiments