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Are you here to buy bitumen? Then you have to consider the fact that prices are unbelievably fluctuating right now. Whether you are an International trader or end-user of bitumen, you need a trustworthy bitumen supplier who can guarantee when the right time for buying bitumen is.   

Infinity Galaxy fulfills its role as a reliable bitumen exporter by offering you unconditional support in this volatile situation. We want to consistently grow and help our buyers achieve their financial goals as well. We prioritize continuous partnership over a one-time purchase. That’s why we make sure your first experience with Infinity Galaxy stays wonderful.

We are also here to become accountable on your behalf in inspecting, packaging, and transporting your purchased bitumen in a professional way.

Let’s see how we reduce your burden:

bitumen supplier

Stop Searching for

Best Bitumen Price

and Leave the

Negotiation to Us

Stop Searching for Best Bitumen Price and Leave the Negotiation to Us

There are more than 30 refineries in the Middle East who produce high quality bitumen.

In the supply chain of bitumen, Infinity Galaxy is the closest to these sources of high quality products. We have a face to face conversation with them, on a daily basis.

With the help of our bitumen networks, we make it easy for you to find the best available bitumen price, but not the lowest one; mainly because our selection of bituminous products relies on quality parameters more than price.

Buy bitumen from a bitumen supplier that prioritize quality over affordable price. 

Avoid all extra charges of export and import when you buy bitumen

At Infinity Galaxy, all costs are agreed upon in advance. We are transparent about shipping, freight, inspection, and insurance costs. Why does this matter?

Because we want to make sure our clients get the exact product and services they expect.

Some bitumen exporters may offer you the lowest prices of bitumen, however, they cannot guarantee to deliver your goods as promised.

Whether you choose a FOB, CFR, or CIF version of payment, you need to rely on your supplier’s expertise in delivering the required export services. Click on the below button to find what items you should pay when you buy bitumen from us.

Buy bitumen from middle east

Available Bitumen Grades

A range of High Quality Bitumen Grades, selected from the most reliable refineries in the Middle East. 

We recommend our clients buy bitumen after reading details and specification of each grade. 

Choose among a Wide

Range of Globally

Standard Packages

before You Buy 


Choose among a Wide Range of Globally Standard Packages before You Buy Bitumen

We want you to get your bitumen pure and consistent, without any sign of contamination. To meet this target, we provide you with a wide range of packages including Short Steel Drums, Long Steel Drums, Jumbo Bag, Poly Cube, Bitutainer, and Bulk Bitumen.

Since the transportation of bitumen can be hazardous, we recommend our new steel drums for packaging. They are safe and affordable. Steel drums vary in terms of net weight capacity, height, and body thickness. Here you can find pictures.

Bulk shipment is also available in tankers ranging in size between 1,000 and 8,000 metric tons.

Make sure what package suits you after buying bitumen. Read our guide on bitumen packages below.

Live Tracking of

Your Purchased

Bitumen Containers

bitumen transportation
bitumen transportation

Live Tracking of Your Purchased Bitumen Containers

After you finish your purchase, you need a bitumen supplier that reports every incident to you. 

For clients that prefer a daily report of their bitumen drums, we offer our live tracking services.

We serve our clients by tracking every step of bitumen operation and sending them live videos and pictures. You can now stay updated with your purchased bitumen.

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