How to Buy Bitumen Emulsion – Essential Tips for Traders

How to Buy Bitumen Emulsion

Essential Tips for Traders

Buying bitumen emulsion might seem complicated sometimes. Not all bitumen emulsions are mixed professionally to stand the risk of being stored or transported for a long time.

Since bitumen emulsion is a mixture of water and bitumen, the tiny bitumen particles may sediment at the bottom of the drum during storage and transportation. To avoid that, we make sure we supply this product from manufacturers that take standard mixing rules into consideration.

The bitumen emulsion we export has various types and grades including Anionic, Cationic, Slow Setting, Medium Setting, and Rapid Setting. Each grade of bitumen emulsion has a specific application; which means you do not get the required quality if you pick the wrong grade. That’s why you need to be an expert when you buy bitumen emulsion, or consult a specialist before choosing among various grades.

Therefore, we decided to provide you with a comprehensive guidance on essential points for purchasing bitumen emulsion.

What Makes Bitumen Emulsion Price Different from Other Types of Bitumen?

Prices of bitumen emulsion is affected by ordinary bitumen’s price. However, the production of bitumen emulsion needs special technologies and technical expertise that not all bitumen manufacturers have. There are only a few bitumen refineries in the Middle East that has the required standards for producing bitumen emulsion. That’s why bitumen emulsion costs higher than ordinary bitumen. 

Current Bitumen Emulsion Price

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You may also want to buy a premium bitumen emulsion that maintains its quality. This mainly depends on carefully controlled production process, as well as the supplier’s perfection in storing and transporting this product. Both factors affect the bitumen emulsion price but guarantee you buy a bitumen emulsion that arrives at you with excellent quality. 

You pay more for this carefully produced and handled type of bitumen emulsion, but you get more reliability and durability.

Bitumen Emulsion: Types and Grades

When you buy bitumen emulsion, you need to be familiar with types and grades
When you buy bitumen emulsion, you need to be familiar with types and grades

How should I select from various types and grades?

Based on their application, bitumen emulsions vary in types and grades. To buy bitumen emulsion with a suitable grade, you need to pay attention to various factors, including temperature, the type of aggregates, and the electric charge of the surface.

Two globally standard method of categorizing bitumen emulsion are done according to particles’ electrostatic charge and breaking or setting time. To find more details visit here. 

You can also use the table below to find which grade of bitumen emulsion exactly meet your business.


For a more detailed table on bitumen emulsion applications visit here.

Bitumen Emulsion


What is the suitable Packaging for bitumen emulsion?

Bitumen emulsion is packed in drums that are different from ordinary bitumen. As the bitumen emulsion is liquefied, it is packed in 220 (Liter) new steel drums. Other packing types of bitumen are not suitable for bitumen emulsion.

Pre-sale and Post-sale Support Offered by Infinity Galaxy

When you buy bitumen emulsion, make sure you know what is on supplier and what costs belong to you
When you buy bitumen emulsion, make sure you know what is on supplier and what costs belong to you

What to expect my supplier when buying bitumen emulsion?

Make sure you receive both pre-sales and post-sales support when you buy bitumen emulsion.

At the pre-sales stage, we are committed to provide you with technical support. It is our duty to ensure our clients pick the right grade, before buying bitumen emulsion.

We also follow the trends of bitumen price on a daily basis, to make sure we are capable of offering you the best price for bitumen emulsion. With an access to market analysts, we update our knowledge about ups and downs of the prices. Therefore, we can guarantee when the right time for buying bitumen emulsion is.

A complement to our services is preparing all export documents you may need. This makes your bitumen arrive at your destination exactly the way you wanted. A list of export documents you should request from us or any other supplier of bitumen is here.  

At the Post-sale stage, we serve our clients with tracking every step of bitumen operation and sending them live videos and pictures. You can now stay updated with your products, after you buy bitumen emulsion.

We respond swiftly whenever our customers need us to, no matter at which stage of buying bitumen emulsion they are.

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